About Us

4×4 Mean Machines was formed in 2011, with a focus on promoting off road excursions and activities.  It is a non-profit club which operates to connect 4wd enthusiasts and provide technical support to its members.  The club has a formal structure, with an elected governing body and a thriving membership which includes people from highly diverse backgrounds.

The club promotes a family oriented environment which allows regular social gatherings. In addition to this, the club has also made it mandatory to work for the protection of the environment and upholds strict ethical values.

On the technical side, the club has formally set up a fully equipped workshop which provides all types of mechanical repairs and upgrades specifically for 4wd vehicles. This has highly simplified our efforts to build the best possible machines and ensured that the club is able to hold frequent events.

The club has gained recognition among the automotive community of Pakistan for its long list of events in the past few years. In view of the remarkable success of the club, it is planned that the club will further expand the scope of its activities and develop much more engaging events for its members.